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Concussion Management

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A concussion is a brain injury. The symptoms you experience may be mild or severe, but make no mistake: All concussions are serious — and how well you recover determines your quality of life today and in the future.

Concussions are a common type of sports injury, but they can also be caused by accidents like car crashes or falls. Whatever the cause of your concussion, we have the expertise to help you safely return to play, work or your daily routine as safely and quickly as possible.

Our concussion services

The Southeast Georgia Health System concussion team includes the only board-certified primary care and sports medicine physician providing concussion management services in southeast Georgia. If you’re recovering from a head injury, rest assured that you can receive excellent care without having to drive far from home. Additionally, athletes will benefit from the experience of our certified athletic trainers. The concussion care our team offers includes:

Education. We offer concussion recognition and prevention education to athletes, parents, coaches and schools.

Baseline testing for athletes. Our team is certified in using ImPACT, a computer-based exam that helps determine an athlete’s ability to return to play after a concussion. The exam allows us to compare brain function before and after a head injury based on objective measures of recovery, not subjective symptoms.

Our athletic trainers administer pre-season baseline ImPACT testing to athletes. If a head injury occurs, more tests are administered to assess the injury and track improvement.

Sideline care. Our athletic trainers are on the sidelines at practices and games. When an injury occurs, they can immediately evaluate a player for a concussion.

Expert treatment. Whether your concussion occurred while playing a sport or during a car accident or some other incident, our team will provide you with a comprehensive concussion assessment. Using the information gathered during the assessment and any pre-concussion ImPACT testing (if available), our experts will custom tailor a treatment and management plan to your needs. The plan may include:

  • Physical therapy, such as training to help address dizziness and balance problems
  • Medications, which may help with symptoms like nausea, vomiting and sensitivity to light
  • Changes in daily activities, such as mental and physical rest
  • Return to play protocols, to help safely guide a return to athletics, school or work

Follow-up care. We will continue to see you on a regular basis to re-evaluate your condition and make sure you or your child is healing.

Connect with a concussion specialist

To schedule a consultation with a concussion management specialist, please call 912-576-6355.