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Preparing for Imaging

Patient instructions for imaging and radiology services

Centralized scheduling procedures

Scheduling patients for Outpatient Diagnostic services can be accomplished simply by faxing a signed, complete physician order to Central Scheduling. A complete order includes patient name, patient date of birth, exam diagnosis, procedure, ordering physician signature, patient home/work/cell phone numbers and insurance information. Exams requiring pre-authorization must be obtained prior to scheduling the procedure. For exams not requiring pre-authorization, Central Scheduling will allow physicians to call and request an appointment while the patient is still in the office. Please note if a request for an appointment is called in, a physician order should be faxed prior to calling Centralized Scheduling.

Once scheduled, the physician will receive a faxed confirmation of the appointment. If the appointment needs to be confirmed, cancelled or changed, the patient or physician can call the Centralized Scheduling Department toll free 1-855-466-1111.

Centralized Scheduling currently schedules for all outpatient areas excluding the Cancer Care Center, Wound Care Center and Surgical Services. The hours of operation are from 8 a.m. to 6 pm, Monday through Friday. Centralized Scheduling can be contacted using the following numbers:

If you are calling outside of the local calling area, toll-free numbers are provided for your convenience.

Phone: 1-855-466-1111 | Fax: 1-855-466-1112

Patient instructions (specific to procedure)

Many diagnostic and interventional procedures involve preparations that the patient must perform prior to the testing. We have outlined specific preparations which are needed in order to complete the examination. Take a moment to read through the instructions with your referring physician to make sure you understand the requirements and have everything you need prior to your appointment.

Exams not requiring pre-authorizations

For exams that do not require preauthorization, physician offices can call the centralized scheduling number to obtain an appointment date and time while the patient is still in your office. All other procedures may require pre-authorization depending on the patient's type of insurance. Pre-authorizations are required to be started prior to scheduling the patient.

The following exams do not require pre-authorizations:

  • Non-OB ultrasounds
  • Mammography
  • Diabetic consultation (may require co-pay)
  • Medical nutrition therapy (may require co-pay)



Pulmonary Function Tests PFT