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Long-Term Care


Senior Care Center-Brunswick
2611 Wildwood Dr.
Brunswick, GA 31520

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At Southeast Georgia Health System, we work together to meet the ongoing needs of our patients. That’s why we offer a robust long-term care program that includes rehabilitation, transitional care and senior care. Our experts designed these services to help people with chronic illnesses or disabilities and those recovering from injury or surgery.

Our long-term care services

People turn to long-term care for a wide range of issues. Perhaps you’re in the hospital with a serious illness or injury. Maybe you’re recovering from surgery, or a chronic condition now means you need a helping hand. The Health System’s continuum of care provides personalized treatment that meets your needs at every stage of your health care journey. Our specialists work with you to ensure safety and comfort. We help you heal, improve function and live your best life.

Our services include:

Acute rehabilitation. During a hospital stay, you may receive rehab services, such as physical therapy, occupational therapy and speech therapy, depending on your individual needs. Rehabilitation can speed healing and help with a variety of conditions, like stroke and joint replacement.

Transitional care. If you’ve had major surgery, like joint replacement, or experienced an extended hospital stay after an injury or illness, you may need extra support before you’re able to return home to your daily routine. That’s where transitional care comes in.

During transitional care, you’ll receive physical assistance, medical advice and ongoing therapies at one of our comfortable skilled nursing and rehabilitation facilities in Brunswick and St. Marys. Getting this kind of care close to home means you’ll be near your loved ones, which can help you heal faster.

Another benefit of transitional care is the amount of treatment you receive. People in our program get about two hours of personalized therapy every day. That’s double the rehabilitation you’d get from home health or an outpatient setting.

When you’re ready to leave transitional care and head home, the shift to outpatient rehab is seamless. You’ll work with a care team who knows you and understands your goals.

Senior care. If returning to your previous home isn’t an option, our Senior Care Centers provide ongoing care in a homelike setting. Residents enjoy pleasant surroundings and engaging activities. They also receive personalized medical attention.

Learn more about long-term care

A referral is needed for long-term care. To learn more, contact one of our Senior Care Centers: