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Ion Bronchoscopy

Most small nodules or tumors found in the lungs are benign and not cancerous. However, there’s no way to know for certain without a biopsy, which involves removing a tiny piece of tissue from the suspicious area. Until recently, performing a biopsy on the smallest, hardest-to-reach nodules was difficult, and in some cases, impossible. At Southeast Georgia Health System, we offer patients Ion robotic-assisted bronchoscopy at our Brunswick Campus. This innovative biopsy technology allows doctors to access all 18 segments of the lung with speed and precision.

Why is Ion robotic-assisted bronchoscopy better than traditional biopsy techniques?

With an excellent safety record and low complication rates, Ion robotic-assisted bronchoscopy is relatively painless — some patients experience a sore throat — and since it’s performed as an outpatient procedure, patients are usually able to return to normal activities the next day. Ion extends the doctor’s reach, resulting in a faster, more accurate biopsy, which means patients are less likely to need a repeat procedure.

What are the benefits of Ion robotic-assisted bronchoscopy?

With Ion, doctors can catch the smallest lung cancers in the early, most treatable stages. Studies have shown that Ion bronchoscopies diagnosed more than 80 percent of cancerous nodules. The earlier the diagnosis, the sooner treatment can begin, giving patients their best chance at a longer, healthier life.

How does Ion bronchoscopy fit into my lung cancer treatment?

Ion bronchoscopy complements the Health System’s existing lung cancer care, which includes the low-dose CT scan to detect tumors and the CyberKnife® M6 with MLC technology, a non-invasive robotic radiation delivery system to treat cancer. These technologies give patients the extra advantage they need to fight lung cancer combined with the convenience of having a continuum of care close to home.

What is a continuum of care?

At Southeast Georgia Health System, we offer innovative technology for every stage of the process to detect, diagnose and treat lung cancer, so you can feel confident in the care you receive and enjoy the convenience of receiving that care close to home.

  • Tumor detection: our low-dose CT scan finds tumors in the lungs
  • Cancer diagnosis: our Ion bronchoscopy biopsies the tumor to determine if it’s cancerous or benign
  • Cancer treatment: our CyberKnife® M6 treats the cancer

How can I learn more about Ion robotic-assisted bronchoscopy?

Talk to your pulmonologist about having Ion robotic-assisted bronchoscopy on our Brunswick Campus! Need a pulmonologist? Visit our provider directory to see all our Southeast Georgia Physician Associates providers who perform Ion robotic-assisted bronchoscopies.