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Your Hospital Stay


When arriving for admittance to either the Brunswick or Camden Campus, please bring photo identification, as well as any insurance cards you may have in order for us to complete your registration. You will receive a privacy password, and we encourage you to share this code with only close family and/or your emergency contact. Anyone inquiring about your health will need this privacy password in order to contact you.

Your stay

Whether you are here for surgery, to have a baby, to receive acute treatment or to undergo a diagnostic procedure, we are committed to serving you well. We understand the importance of quality health care in a caring environment, so please let a staff member know what your needs are. We have also included some helpful information below to make your stay with us as comfortable as possible.


There are ATMs available at our Brunswick Campus.

Cafeteria hours

The cafeteria is located on the first floor of both the Brunswick and Camden Campuses, and they are open to the public seven days a week. Hours are posted at the main cafeteria doors. Vending machines are also available for your convenience in the covered parking area on the ground floor at the Brunswick Campus and in the Emergency Care Center on the Camden Campus. Vending is also available in the Miriam & Hugh Nunnally Maternity Care Center Waiting Room. Please check with your nurse for the closest vending area.

Tobacco use

Southeast Georgia Health System is a tobacco-free organization. Tobacco use of any kind is not permitted — inside or outside — any Health System property.

Fire and other safety drills

While you are staying with us, the hospital may conduct a fire or disaster drill. Such drills are required and are held to ensure the safety of all patients and staff. Overhead announcements will notify you of alarm testing. Please do not be alarmed if you see or hear evidence of such drills.

Floral, mail and gift delivery

Flowers, mail and gifts are brought to patient rooms by our volunteers as they are received. Mail is delivered daily. Mail and flowers received after you are discharged will be forwarded to your home.

Food and nutrition services

Our Food & Nutrition Department prepares in-room meals for patients daily. Please use these guidelines when inquiring about your meal service:

  • At the Brunswick Campus a "Catering to You" host will be assigned to your daily meal service needs. Your host will offer you a face-to-face spoken menu and will deliver your appropriate meal to your bedside.
  • At the Camden Campus, please dial 1234 on your room telephone. A Food & Nutrition staff member will answer your call and deliver Room Service to your bedside.
  • Guest trays are available in your room for a nominal fee. Please ask and Food & Nutrition Services representative for details.

Registered dietitians are also available to assist you in planning your meals. Diet instruction and nutritional counseling will be provided with your physician's approval. If you would like to speak to a registered dietitian, please ask your nurse.


Free parking is available at all Health System locations.

Patient safety and quality of care

If you have a concern about your patient safety or the quality of care, you can contact The Joint Commission's Office of Quality Monitoring by calling 1-800-994-6610 or

Patient telephones

On most inpatient floors, a telephone is provided at your bedside. Patients needing to call out to loved ones while in the ICU will recieve assistance from one of our team members.

  • Brunswick Campus: To dial an internal number, simply enter the 4 digit extension. To dial internally from our new fifth floor surgical tower, dial "6" and then the 4 digit extension. Local calls are free, just dial "9" and then the desired number.
  • Camden Campus: To dial an internal number, dial "6" and then the 4 digit extension. Local calls are free, just dial "9" and then the desired number.

Personal belongings

Because we cannot accept responsibility for personal items or valuables left in your room, we strongly encourage you to give money, medications, credit cards, wallets, jewelry, etc. to a family member to take home. You may also ask the admitting staff to have them placed in the hospital safe. An itemized receipt, which serves as your claim ticket, will be provided. Your valuables may be retrieved from the safe, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Public telephones

For your convenience, public telephones are available in the Emergency Department, Main Lobby and Maternity Center Lobby at both the Brunswick and Camden Campuses.

Resource management

A case manager is available to discuss problems and questions related to discharge planning, adjustment and coping. The case manager also acts as a community liaison for resources in many areas. Please contact the hospital operator at “0” and ask to speak to the case manager.


Security is always available to patients, families and visitors. Officers will walk you to your car or perform other helpful services. You can reach Security through the operator by dialing “0”. Please call Security if you see suspicious activity.

Spiritual health

Southeast Georgia Health System is concerned about providing total care for patients and recognizes the importance of the spiritual part of life. Chaplains are available for crisis counseling, support in facing illness and help with spiritual concerns of patients and families. We can contact a clergy member of most denominations for you. The chapel, located on the first floor near the Gift Shop on both the Brunswick and Camden Campuses, is always open to patients, families and visitors. Please ask your nurse or contact the operator for assistance in reaching a chaplain.

TDD devices and interpreters

If your hearing is impaired, a TDD (telecommunications device for the deaf) can be made available for your phone. Closed-captioning is available on your television, and interpretive services are available by notifying your nurse of your need.