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Visiting Clergy Orientation

Whether you are new or experienced to visiting patients at the Health System, all visiting clergy must be issued new badges and complete an updated clergy orientation process. Old badges will no longer be valid after November 30, 2017.

Steps to complete for your clergy orientation:

  • Complete a Clergy Information Form
  • Submit identifying documentation of your role as pastor
  • Complete a Criminal Background Check Permission Form
  • Watch the Clergy Orientation Video (this will be emailed to you after the information form is received)
  • Take a brief test based on the Clergy Orientation Video (this will be emailed to you along with the orientation video)

Please print, complete and mail your forms to Rev. Wright A. Culpepper, DMin, director, Pastoral Care, via the mailing address below or submit them in person to the Chaplain Office at the Health System.

Please note: You should also present a document (business card, bulletin, church letterhead, letter from Senior Minister or other official of the church, etc.) that indicates you are either the pastor of your church or have official pastoral care duties on behalf of the church. This documentation should be included when the application is mailed or delivered.

Mailing address:
Dr. Wright A. Culpepper
Southeast Georgia Health System
2415 Parkwood Drive
Brunswick, GA 31520