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Hospital Medicine Program

The Hospital Medicine Program at Southeast Georgia Health System was launched in August 2009 on the Brunswick Campus. Due to its success, the program continues to grow and is now used at our Camden Campus as well.

What is a hospitalist?

A hospitalist is a physician who works for our Hospital Medicine Program and specializes in caring for patients while they are in the hospital. Hospitalists work exclusively in the hospital and keep a close eye on patients, making sure they are receiving the correct diagnostic work-up, appropriate therapeutic treatments and compassionate medical care. Hospitalists may be supported or assisted in caring for patients by well-trained and educated physician assistants and/or nurse practitioners. Hospitalists assist patients through their recovery process by following up on tests and adjusting treatment plans as necessary throughout their stay. In case of an emergency, the hospitalist is nearby.

When would I see a hospitalist?

Currently, if you are admitted through either our Brunswick or Camden Campus Emergency Care Center and do not have a primary care physician, you will be cared for by a hospitalist. Also, if your primary care physician does not visit patients in the hospital, or if he or she has established an agreement with our Hospital Medicine Program, a hospitalist will provide your care.

How will my physician know what happens during my hospitalization?

To ensure you receive the best care possible throughout your hospital stay, your hospitalist will communicate with your primary care physician or specialist. Your primary care physician or specialist will receive copies of your admission and discharge reports and will also be contacted if anything unexpected happens during your stay.

Will I see other physicians while in the hospital?

A hospitalist may consult specialists to assist in your care, if needed.

What happens to my care on weekends and evenings?

Rest assured, your care is our utmost concern. Our hospitalists provide 24-hour inpatient care.

What will happen when I am discharged?

A hospitalist will discuss your discharge medications and other instructions with you. Your physician will receive a summary of your stay, including discharge diagnoses, medications that have been ordered or provided, and recommended follow-up visits or treatments. If you do not have a primary care physician, you will be referred to one in the community for follow-up care.

What are the benefits to me?

Since our hospitalists do not have outside private practices, you are able to see them as often as needed while in the hospital and decisions are made quickly, as situations arise. Treatments are modified and test results are followed up on immediately. This helps prevent medical complications, reduce hospital stays and lower costs.

Will I receive a separate bill for hospitalist services?

Yes, hospitalists charge for services rendered just as any other physician. In addition to your Health System bill, you will receive a separate billing statement from:

For questions regarding your billing statement, please call 912-466-5000. To speak to a hospitalist, please call 912-466-7188.