Proprio 5000 Reactive Balance System

Dynamic Stability is the ability to maintain one’s center of mass over the body’s support area during movement and changing sensory environments. In other words, when we walk, run and play sports, we’re using our dynamic stability. While most of us take these functions for granted, falls, traumatic brain injuries, developmental and acquired disabilities, and aging can negatively impact dynamic stability and compromise quality of life.

How Does It Work?

The PROPRIO® 5000 Reactive Balance System uses a computer controlled, multi-directional platform to challenge balance and reaction ability. The platform generates movements that require the user to interact with their environment and can be programmed for predictable motion, random motion, variable speeds and adjustable degrees of motion. It provides safe, controlled and comfortable exercise for people with neurologic, orthopedic, or balance and vestibular deficits.

To use the machine, patients step up onto the platform, with assistance as needed. A safety harness is available for patients who require it. The therapist chooses or creates an appropriate test or training program that may include the amount, speed and direction of the tilt of the platform. The PROPRIO® Reactive Balance System will identify and train how well a person maintains their center of mass as they react to a moving platform. It also provides reactive training that improves dynamic muscular stabilization. With training, improved muscle control and functional stability around the joint can be restored.


If you or a loved one is having trouble regaining balance or reaction time following an injury, contact one of our Outpatient Rehabilitation Care Center locations to find out if our Reactive Balance System can help you on the road to recovery.

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