Tasha Gardner

Patient Testimonial of Southeast Georgia Health System
Tasha Gardner SGHS Patient Story

Tasha Gardner of Brunswick was 33 in late 2011 when she discovered a lump deep within her left breast. She was referred to a surgeon after a needle biopsy revealed she had stage 2, triple negative breast cancer, an aggressive type of breast cancer that doesn’t respond to many of the most commonly used treatments.

Gardner chose to have her cancer treatments in her hometown at the Southeast Georgia Health System Cancer Care Center. She was treated with chemotherapy for eight months under the medical direction of Abraham Cheong, M.D., board-certified medical oncologist with Southeast Georgia Physicians Associates-Hematology & Oncology, a strategic affiliate of the Health System, before having a mastectomy. Treatment continued with radiation therapy for five weeks under the medical direction of Kenyon Meadows, M.D., board-certified radiation oncologist with Southeast Georgia Physician Associates-Radiation Oncology.

“I was very comfortable with my decision to have my cancer treatment locally,” she says. “My physicians were excellent. Everyone at the Cancer Care Center is so nice and friendly, and they always made me feel right at home during my treatments.”

Gardner finished her cancer treatment in January 2013 and feels positive about the future. She gives the following advice to women. “If you suspect you have a lump, don’t ignore it. Do yourself a favor and contact your doctor right away.”

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month