Sanford Feller

A Remarkable Comeback
Sanford S. Feller SGHS Patient Story

Three years ago, 79-year-old Sanford S. Feller, the energetic president of a manufacturing firm, experienced a bout of diverticulitis so severe he was unable to walk or talk. He wound up being hospitalized for six months at the Southeast Georgia Health System Camden Campus with low blood pressure and congestive heart failure.

Following his discharge, Sanford began his remarkable comeback at the Southeast Georgia Health System Senior Care Center in St. Marys. "They had everything I needed for my rehabilitation—physical therapy, speech therapy and occupational therapy," he says. "I attribute my recovery and current good condition to the Senior Care Center."

Sanford was able to return home after three and a half months and is back to working every day. He believes connecting with other people and having some fun can help with recovery. "At the Senior Care Center, you're made to feel like it's your home," he says.