June Galland

Breast Cancer Testimonial
June Galland SGHS Patient Story

When June Galland of St. Simons Island had her annual mammogram in January 2013, it showed a suspicious lump deep within one of her breasts. A needle biopsy was performed by Stephen Barrett, M.D., board-certified general surgeon, Southeast Georgia Physician Associates-Glynn General & Vascular Surgery, a strategic affiliate of Southeast Georgia Health System, revealed that she had stage 2 breast cancer.

Along with her husband John and daughter Katie, a registered nurse in the Health System’s Emergency Care Center, Galland said that Donna Smith, RN, CBPN-IC, nurse navigator at the Breast Care Center, provided tremendous support during the early days of her diagnosis. “Donna was wonderful, I was so frightened during the procedures, but she was there with me, holding my hand and helping me through it,” she said.

Her lumpectomy was followed by eight courses of chemotherapy over a period of six months under the medical direction of Antonio Moran Jr., M.D., board-certified medical oncologist, Southeast Georgia Physician Associates-Hematology & Oncology, a strategic affiliate of the Health System. “Dr. Moran was just fabulous. During my first appointment, he spent a long time talking with me and learning about my family history of breast cancer before making his recommendation for my treatment,” she said. June also commended the team at the Health System’s Cancer Care Center in Brunswick. “All the doctors and nurses are so wonderful, but especially the nurses in the infusion center. They are so kind and caring.”

Galland completed four weeks of radiation therapy at the Cancer Care Center under the medical direction of Timothy Jamieson, M.D., Ph.D., board-certified radiation oncologist and medical director of the Cancer Care Centers. “I have friends that have traveled to Jacksonville for cancer treatment, but that is a very long ride when you have just finished cancer treatment. I was very comfortable with the doctors here and confident that I was receiving great care. I am thankful I was able to receive my chemotherapy and radiation therapy treatments so close to home.”

October is National Breast Cancer Awareness Month