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  • Fall Prevention Awareness Key To Reducing Older Adult Injuries

    The first day of fall, September 23, marks Falls Prevention Awareness Day and Southeast Georgia Health System is encouraging people to learn more about how to prevent fall-related injuries that affect older adults. According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of both fatal and nonfatal injuries for people aged 65+. Falls can result in hip fractures, broken bones, and ...
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  • Have you hugged your Athletic Trainer today?

    First off, I want to thank all my followers for your understanding that I needed a little time off in February. What better place than a tiny (itty bitty) fishing village south of Cancun where the generator only runs for a few hours a day, the water is always lukewarm, nachos are considered a breakfast food and the fish are plentiful, but you have to throw them back. I might be a little crispy ...
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  • Shoulder Dislocation and Instability

    “Leaders don’t step on the toes of dwarfs. They mount shoulders of Giants.” ~Israelmore Ayivor Although we sometimes feel as if we are carrying the world on our shoulders, we are all lucky that, unlike Atlas, we are not. But our shoulders are the point on our bodies we most consistently DO use to carry our loads – parents tote their toddlers on them, women perch their ...
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  • Who Needs Sleep?

    My hands are locked up tight in fists. My mind is racing filled with lists. Of things to do and things I’ve done another sleepless night’s begun. -Barenaked Ladies, Who needs sleep Fatigue makes cowards of us all. -Vince Lombardi On the wall in my office are all the certificates and degrees I have earned. I decided to put them up because they have followed me from house to house in the ...
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