Tax Dollars Buy Life-saving Cancer Screening

A Georgia HEART Success Story

Lisa Poore decided to visit her doctor last July because of blood pressure concerns. It had been quite a while since her last check up, so her physician recommended a full physical, including a breast exam.

“Just a few minutes into that exam, my doctor asked for my hand. She placed it on my left breast, and immediately, I felt a lump,” says Lisa. “I was nervous and scared going into my mammogram, but Alicia was so kind and patient, explaining everything that I could expect in detail—I felt completely comfortable in her care.”

Lisa had a 3D diagnostic mammogram to confirm what she suspected might be breast cancer. Alicia Taylor-Anderson, RT(R)(M), mammography technologist, was able to watch the images in real time as she performed the exam, and because of that, she detected a very small tumor that was deeper and more difficult to find than the lump discovered during Lisa’s physical.

“Because of Alicia’s thoroughness, her attention to detail and the advanced technology available at the Camden Campus, Alicia was able to find that tumor early, which ultimately, saved my life,” says Lisa.

Lisa Poore with Mammography teamAn FDA-approved advanced technology, 3D mammography takes pictures in slices and recreates a 3D image of the breast. This allows the radiologist to see beyond areas of density, finding smaller breast tumors earlier than ever before, when cancer is more treatable and beatable.

Southeast Georgia Health System was able to bring 3D Mammography to their Camden Campus thanks to funds generated through the Georgia HEART Hospital Program. Georgia is the only state that allows its residents to redirect their state tax dollars to benefit rural hospitals. The Camden Campus has qualified for the program for the last three years and has used the funds to help open a Wound Care Center and purchase innovative technologies, including the ROSA (RObotic Surgery Assistant) knee replacement system and life-saving 3D Mammography.

“I woke up the next day with so many questions, but the morning after my mammogram, I received a call from the Cancer Care Center nurse navigator. She had all the answers for me,” says Lisa. “She made all my appointments with my surgeon, and within a week, I had my biopsy.”

Eight months later, Lisa has completed her final round of chemotherapy and is well on her way to recovery.

“Sometimes, I felt like I’d never reach the finish line, but I had the best team with me the entire way. My doctors and chemo nurses were wonderful, but it all started in the Women’s Imaging department with a 3D mammogram,” says Lisa. “They’re my angels. I don’t think a regular mammogram would have caught that smaller tumor. Alicia saved my life.”

She adds, “Hopefully my chemo did its job, and I’ll receive clear mammograms from now on. But I’m so grateful to know that if I do need them, everyone in this department is right here, close to home. We are so lucky to have such advanced technology in our community.”

To schedule your 3D mammogram, contact your provider for a physician’s order, then schedule your appointment at one of our convenient women’s imaging locations:

  • Brunswick: 912-466-1240
  • St. Marys: 912-576-6190

Georgian residents who wish to redirect their state tax dollars to benefit Southeast Georgia Health System Camden Campus may do so by completing and submitting a three-minute online form. Georgians are required to pay state taxes anyway; this program ensures that tax dollars are working to improve health care services in St. Marys for you, your loved ones and neighbors. LEARN MORE!