Southeast Georgia Health System Enhances Newborn Experience With New Equipment

At Southeast Georgia Health System, parents have three more reasons to feel confident when welcoming their little one into the world. The Camden Campus Maternity Care Center recently acquired new equipment to make the birthing process that much easier for both patients and babies: a new portable hearing screen machine, a biliblanket and two new Panda Warmers.

The new portable hearing screen machine runs for 3-minutes max which decreases the length of time infants are separated from their parents for screening. Screening is typically performed in the nursery, but with its portable capabilities, the new screening machine can be brought to the patient room, if requested.

A biliblanket is a portable phototherapy device used to treat neonatal jaundice. The infant is swaddled in the blanket, providing them with direct contact with the light pad. This allows parents to hold and feed their baby while the infant simultaneously receives treatment for jaundice, supporting family bonding and breastfeeding.

The Panda Warmers provide a variety of advantages for newborns and the maternity care team, including warmers, a weight scale and easy access to oxygen controls, suction, and emergency equipment utilized for resuscitation, if needed. Panda Warmers are used on all babies immediately after delivery. Their special warming properties allow babies to remain unclothed and unwrapped as the maternity team evaluates the baby and performs foot-printing and banding.

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