Health System Offers Care Pax & Co. Back Pax™ to Breast Cancer Patients

Jan. 16, 2015 – Southeast Georgia Health System Foundation is pleased to partner with Care Pax & Co. to offer Got Your Back Pax™ to breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments at the Cancer Care Center. Founded by Lucy Gross-Barlow and Sharon Crews, both breast cancer survivors, Care Pax & Co. was created to help women learn what to expect from chemotherapy treatment and to help alleviate side effects and concerns.

The Cancer Care Center team began offering the Got Your Back Pax™ to patients receiving chemotherapy for treatment of breast cancer in December. The sturdy back pack includes comforting items such as lemon drops to curb the taste from harsh medicines, ginger drops to help with nausea, and a cozy blanket to take off the chill that can occur during treatments, as well as educational and inspirational items such as a travelling journal and a My Chemo Cocktail & Me 5-in-1 treatment guide.

“The My Chemo Cocktail & Me guide provides a compass for the patient to help them know what to expect during chemotherapy treatment, and also acts as an organizer for important medical information, insurance documents and medicine schedules,” says Krista Robitz, director, Development, Southeast Georgia Health System Foundation. “There is also a Dear Diary section to write down thoughts as well as a section on how to manage various symptoms. Humorous stickers also help lift their spirits.”

The Foundation purchased the Back Pax from event proceeds that benefit the Health System’s cancer care programs. “It’s because of the huge support our community provides for our events, such as ARTrageous Bras and the Bridge Run, that we are able to purchase the Back Pax for our breast cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy,” adds Robitz. “Everyone who participates in these events can be proud to know that they are providing comfort to these patients and helping them on their road to recovery.”

Stephanie Sinopoli, director, Cancer Care Centers, agrees, “The Back Pax adds another element to the Health System’s comprehensive cancer care approach, it’s another way we can provide support during their journey. We hope it helps to reduce anxiety and allows our patients to connect and work through their experiences as they go through chemotherapy.”