Health System Tests Emergency Evacuation Kits

BRUNSWICK, Georgia: Sept. 10, 2010–In the event the Golden Isles has to be evacuated due to a hurricane or other disaster, community partners Southeast Georgia Health System, the Coastal Health District and Glynn County schools now have the ability to transform several local school buses into emergency transport vehicles for persons on medical stretchers.

According to Southeast Georgia Health System’s Director of Safety & Security, Charlie Wolverton, he requested and obtained the three bus conversion evacuation kits from the Coastal Health District. “Each kit enables us to convert one school bus into an evacuation vehicle which holds twelve stretchers. This will give us the capability to transport a total of 36 stretcher-bound patients, while leaving enough bus seats at the front for accompanying staff members.”

Recently, Facilities Department team members Scott Mills and Steve Davis tested the kits by retrofitting one Glynn County school bus. “The conversion took Scott and Steve two days—one day to remove the seats and the second day to install the stretchers,” says Facilities Director Dennis Johnson. “Having this knowledge allows us to plan accordingly in case we need to transport patients out of the area.”