Glynn-Brunswick Memorial Hospital Authority Members Complete GHA Certification Program

BRUNSWICK, Georgia: Feb. 13, 2009–Members of the Glynn-Brunswick Memorial Hospital Authority have completed the Georgia Hospital Association (GHA) Hospital Trustee Community Accountability Education Certification Program, also known as the GHA Trustee Certification Program. Newly certified board members include Michael Hodges, chair; Carl Alexander, vice chair; Eric Segerberg, MD, secretary; Laura Cross-McKinley, treasurer; M.H. “Woody” Woodside; Robert E. Griffin; Mark Bedner; Walter C. McNeely; and Carla L. Yarbrough. This certification program is designed to bring hospital trustees up to speed on the financial complexities of the hospital field, promote best hospital governance practices, and encourage the coordination of healthcare services and the best use of resources.

“This is a tremendous accomplishment for our Authority members,” says Gary R. Colberg, FACHE, Southeast Georgia Health System President & CEO. “This investment of their personal time underscores their commitment to making our Authority the best it can be. Each of our members fosters and promotes a standard of excellence that benefits everyone who utilizes our hospital.”

By completing the program, Authority members are now able to demonstrate that they not only understand and embrace the need for governance accountability, but have also formally certified their adherence to governance best practices.

“The GHA Trustee Certification Program was created last year with the recognition that the public’s confidence in governance of all levels of American business had been severely weakened,” says GHA President Joe Parker. “This certification program was designed to foster a high standard of accountability and excellence at the highest leadership levels of the hospital. We’re excited that so many hospital trustees throughout the state are participating in this program and we congratulate those who have already reached certification status. It’s a great accomplishment.”

Individual trustees achieved certification by completing education on healthcare and leadership topics. They were required to complete 12 hours of approved course work per year to meet the requirements for the certification. At least four of the 12 hours were completed by attending in-person programs.