Ergonomics Program

What is Ergonomics?

Ergonomics is, literally, the study of work. It involves making changes to a work site with the goal of fitting the task to the person. Our ergonomics professionals can evaluate how you fit your work tasks and then make recommendations for improvements. For example, we may find that an office worker is too cramped at his or her computer desk or an industrial worker is forced to reach too high overhead. We can recommend ways to adjust these work situations to reduce injury risks and make workers more comfortable and productive.

Ergonomics Services

Our outpatient ergonomics services involve an assessment of your work area to determine the most efficient use of space, thereby helping to maximize efficiency. This process helps prevent work-related injuries and improves worker productivity. Should an injury occur, we offer a Work Conditioning Program. This program is tailored to each individual, getting workers back in shape for their job. Once rehabilitated, we provide a Functional Capacities Evaluation (FCE) to ensure the worker is ready to resume his or her duties and reduce the chance of re-injury.


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