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Melinda  H. Peterlin M.D.

Melinda H. Peterlin, M.D.

4.2 | 78 Ratings
Area of Practice:
Language Spoken: English
  • 1stPrimary Office

    Southeast Georgia Physician Associates-Pediatrics

    7000 Wellness Way
    Ste. 7230
    St. Simons Island, GA 31522
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Board Certifications

American Board of Pediatrics


Love SSI Pediatrics. Everyone there is pleasant and helpful
We have been going to Dr Peterlin since moving here in 2016. I'm so thankful to have her here. She gives excellent care and I have full confidence in her plan of care. She's extremely knowledgeable and an asset to this area.
Usually Dr peterlin is very thorough and gives us a lot of time. For some reason, she seemed very irritated and short with us on this last visit. She was not listening to our concerns and was back pedaling on prior advice she gave us concerning trying different meds. My daughter left feeling more hopeless about getting the right meds for her ADD. She was almost in tears because we thought it was going to be a great visit, and that we would leave feeling more hopeful. I'm not sure what was going on, but Dr. Peterlin was holding the door open, like she was about to leave to leave, almost the entire time. I had a list in my hand of questions to ask and had to quickly ask them before she dashed away.
I felt like she talked over my daughter and me and it's was like she was in a hurry to get out of the room and always calls her overweight
Doctor will not return calls concerning sickness after a vaccine shot for my 2 year old son.
My son's asthma needs were discussed and treatment was explained well.
I thought she was too fast of a talker to grap what she was saying.
Dr. Peterlin, though nice, talked SO fast as she went through information that my head was spinning. Thankfully, as an educated and experienced parent of 2 healthy children, I knew the basic information she was providing. Had this been more than a routine yearly check up, I would have been highly concerned because I could barely understand her and couldn't get a word in. It was as if she was trying to see how fast she could read/speak. I honestly felt anxious and my child even looked at me like she thought she was trying to be funny. It was a crazy experience.
Good Job
The doctor is very respectful, knowledgeable, and kind.
I respect my child provider and I am glad we have her but during my visit she talks a lot and she never let me ask questions at the end She just opens the door and I have to asked her additional time for me to ask all the questions I have, in addition she did have read any notes from the specialist test result he sent to her and I feel this is important to have time for ask questions,
She seemed rushed. I feel like she says the same thing to each patient and their parent. Also, no growth charts or information was given and with well checks in the past, we always got literature on their growth.
She comes in, runs her mouth the whole time so that you can't get a word in, then shes out the door and gone. I could see if there was more availability on her schedule, but there are no appointments for even sick child visits. That's the whole point of appointments for sick children. They are sick and need to be seen immediately. We live in jesup and I don't mind driving, but I get better service at the jesup emergency room than I do at this provider. It's beyond ridiculous.

Hospital Privileges

Southeast Georgia Health System-Brunswick Campus


Northwestern University


Northwestern University Medical School, Chicago, IL


Riley Hospital for Children at Indiana University Health

Paisley, September 2018

Every Kid is Gifted (In Their Own Way) ArticleEvery Kid is Gifted (In Their Own Way)

Melinda Peterlin never had any doubts about what she wanted to be when she grew up. “I knew at 7-years-old,” said the pediatrician, who joined Southeast Georgia Physician Associates-Pediatrics four years ago. “I knew I wanted to help kids. I have no idea what I would do if I didn’t do this. It was not really a choice for me,” she added, laughing.

After completing her training, Melinda practiced medicine in several locations, including two years near Heidelberg, Germany, and a memorable stint in northern Wisconsin. “We were in an area further north than parts of Canada; I couldn’t handle the weather. I worked in an underserved area, so it was a great experience, but the weather was crushing,” she said, laughing again. “I was not cut out for that!”

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