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Phillip P. Amodeo M.D.

Phillip P. Amodeo, M.D.

Medical Director, Stroke Program

4.6 | 181 Ratings
Area of Practice:
Language Spoken: English
  • 1stPrimary Office

    Southeast Georgia Physician Associates-Neurology

    2500 Starling Street
    Ste. 503
    Brunswick, GA 31520
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Board Certifications

American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology


Not enough time to ask all the questions I had
Dr. Amodeo is great. I have recently gotten my husband & aunt in to see him.
Very nice staff and very nice Doctor. Thank you to all in the help with my medical condition.
Very informative, answered my questions
Dr Amodeo is a fantastic doctor! He always addresses all of my needs and listens to what I'm saying. I recommend him to everyone!
Dr. Amado was very knowledgeable in his field of medicine very informative, compassionate and thorough . After the exam my wife and I were both very pleased and look forward to our follow up visit.
Dr. Amodeo is the BEST!!!
Pleased. Much better than my previous doctor
He was super. I was very impressed with the entire visit
Dr. Amadore seemed angry to see me (I was referred per a request from a VA physician). He told me that there was nothing more he could do for me. This physician has the distinction of being the rudest and most non-attentitive medical professional that I have encountered in my 75 years.
Dr. Amideo was kind and professional
Dr Amodeo has always taken time to address all my concerns. Only Dr to help me with migraines in 50 years! Can't say enough good things about him!! Thank you, and God bless you!!
It was fine, just no encouragement that I could get better.
In my opinion, Dr. Amedeo is extremely bright. His explanations were lengthy but he talked rapidly and it was often hard for me to understand concepts because I do not have a medical background. This, however, is not a major deficit. I just wish he could've slowed down a tad and that I were more knowledgeable regarding neurological concepts. In retrospect, I wish I had asked him to accommodate me in this respect because I'm sure he would have done so. Overall, it was a very satisfactory visit.
Everything was exceptionally nice, efficient positve and I could not have asked for better care.
Excellent care in a nice environment
He was excellent, I would highly recommend him.
Excellent provider. Gave us all pertinent information about what to expect.
Dr. Amodao and staff are all wonderful and doing a fantastic job!!
It took a long time to get my appointment but when I did get my appt. it was good - he explained what happened an plan to go forward.
Very satisfactory.
Dr. Amodeo is always very knowledgeable and professional. I feel very comfortable and safe with him during my appointments at all times.
Dr Amodeo is very professional and knowledgable. He listens to the patient. I feel he shows concern and cares about his patients. He is straight to the point and let's you know what is happening, what could happen, and makes sure you understand what he is telling you. He is awesome.
Dr. A was very kind and interested in my headache history, and cleared up several things in my medical history files regarding headaches/migraines.
Dr. Amodeo was great! Professional and friendly. Discussed issues I was having and spent time listening to my concerns.
The assistant and woman she was training were both very nice, friendly and efficient.
Very thorough
Enjoyed talking with Dr Amodeo
Dr. Amodeo is the best!!!
He was great - helpful.
It was extremely difficult to get an appointment with this office. I am grateful that I was put on a cancellation list and got in at the last minute. Dr. Amedeo is excellent and I felt confident in his plan for me. He was absolutely knowledgeable of my recent brain surgery and past health issues. Thank you.

Hospital Privileges

Southeast Georgia Health System-Brunswick Campus
Southeast Georgia Health System-Camden Campus


Siena College


Albany Medical College Of Union University, Albany, NY


Albany Medical Center Of Union University, Albany, NY


New York University School of Medicine and Hospitals Center, New York, NY


Brown University Alpert School of Medicine, Providence, RI

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