Paul Christian

Road to Recovery

Paul Christian, a 58-year-old retired marine biologist and avid cyclist, has been active all his life. When his right shoulder began bothering him about three years ago, he thought the pain would go away on its own, but instead it grew worse.

Several friends recommended Paul see Beau Sasser, M.D., a board-certified orthopaedic surgeon with Summit Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Surgery, a strategic affiliate of Southeast Georgia Health System. Dr. Sasser scheduled an MRI which revealed that bone spurs in Paul's shoulder were causing an impingement.

In March 2013, Dr. Sasser performed arthroscopic surgery to remove the bone spurs. After the surgery, Paul's shoulder was back to normal almost immediately. "I was amazed at the lack of post-operative pain. I was bike-riding again three days later," he says. "I was lucky because I didn't have any major tears in the rotator cuff tendons and ligaments, so once the bone spurs were removed, I was in good shape."

Paul highly recommends Dr. Sasser. "I was very impressed by Dr. Sasser. He is young and knows all the latest techniques, but I was also impressed with him as a person. He is a really nice guy."