Sharon Davis

A Passion for Fighting Cancer

Fifty-one-year-old Sharon Davis has many passions, including hunting and fishing with her husband and spending time with her two grown daughters and their families. In March 2012, fighting breast cancer became a new passion for Sharon.

Sharon's initial diagnostic work and surgeries were done at the Southeast Georgia Health System Brunswick Campus. "My experience in Brunswick was phenomenal," Sharon says. "I felt that every team member I met genuinely cared about the way I felt at that moment, and cared about my long-term well-being."

When she learned she would need chemotherapy and radiation, Sharon toured the Cancer Care Centers at both the Brunswick and Camden campuses. "Of course proximity played a large role in choosing to have my chemotherapy at the Camden Campus, but I was also impressed with the intimate setting. The nurses there became like part of my family."

Sharon's advice to women concerning breast care is, "Be aware of any unusual changes in your breasts and follow up with your doctor immediately if something seems strange. Don't take the attitude that it can't happen to you."