Patient Experience

Paulette Cooner, a 68-year old Kingsland resident, says she had never been good about self-breast exams, but one Sunday morning in November 2011, she was taking a shower and God told her she should check her breasts. When she did, she found a very large, hard lump. Paulette was surprised since her mammogram had come back normal only five months earlier. "My heart was racing but I didn't tell anyone until after church, and then I asked my husband if he would check my breast and he found it immediately," she says. (read more)

Paulette Cooner

Any woman would be alarmed if she developed a lump in her breast, but for 47-year old Karen Harrison of Brunswick, it was a special cause for concern. Both her mother and grandmother died from breast cancer. (read more)

Karen Harrison

Helen Quinn, a 74 year-old St. Marys resident, wasn't too concerned when she found a lump in her breast in July 2012, because she previously had fibrocystic breasts, a common condition that produces benign lumps in many women. However, she went to her gynecologist anyway, and James Gowen, M.D., of Southeast Georgia Physician Associates-Obstetrics & Gynecology, a strategic associate of Southeast Georgia Health System, immediately sent her in for a mammogram and breast ultrasound. Shortly after that, she had a breast biopsy, and it came back positive for cancer. "Everything happened so fast that I didn't really have time to get scared. But then, I have my faith and my family and friends to depend on," she says. (read more)

Helen Quinn

Dora Francis, a Brunswick mother of two, was 36 years old in the summer of 2012 when she first discovered the lump in her right breast. She was putting her 14-month old son to bed and inadvertently brushed her hand against her right breast when she felt it. The next day she made an appointment with her gynecologist to get it checked. Within a few weeks, she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. (read more)

Dora Francis

Cancer never comes at a good time. St. Simons Island resident Carole Nolan found that out in August 2012 when she discovered a lump in her breast about two weeks before she was scheduled for shoulder surgery to repair a painful rotator cuff. (read more)

Carole Nolan

>Barbara Ann Ross, a 49-year old Brunswick resident, has some advice for those who are facing cancer. "You've got to fight it with everything you've got and take everything that is available to you," she says. That is exactly what Barbara did when a mammogram revealed a lump in her left breast that tested positive for cancer in June 2012. (read more)

Barbara Ann Ross