Mary Ridarsick

Coming Home to Great Care

When 88-year-old Mary Ridarsick moved from Fort Lauderdale to Jesup with her husband six years ago, she was excited to be returning home after more than 40 years. But there was one thing that worried her. She needed to find a good doctor for her asthma. Her condition was bad enough that she had been hospitalized several times, and her doctors in Florida still hadn't found the right combination of medications to successfully manage her symptoms.

Once she was back in Jesup, Mary's primary care physician referred her to Stephen A. Chitty IV, M.D., board-certified pulmonologist with Southeast Georgia Physician Associates–Pulmonary Medicine, a strategic affiliate of Southeast Georgia Health System, and her worries were soon gone. "I have been so happy with him," she says of Dr. Chitty. "I was in bad shape. He put me on two different medications and now I am just fine."

Mary was thrilled when the Health System opened an office in Jesup. "When I would go into Brunswick, I would kid Dr. Chitty and his staff about moving to Jesup and sure enough, they opened an office here. Now I am very happy," says Mary. "It's such a pleasure to see him. He is so kind and he makes you feel like a member of the family. I can't say enough about the wonderful job he's done for me."