Jake and Delores Johnson

A Positive Experience

When Delores Johnson began experiencing pain and severe chills one February morning, she headed to the St. Simons Immediate Care Center, a strategic affiliate of the Southeast Georgia Health System. Acting on the advice of James Snow, D.O., Delores decided to go to the Emergency Care Center at the Health System's Brunswick Campus.

On arrival, Delores and her husband, Jake, were promptly greeted by caring staff members and escorted to the treatment area. Delores was particularly impressed with the level of concern and empathy of the nurses. "They did their best to make sure I was as comfortable as possible," she remembers. "Dr. Timothy McGlaughlin was very kind, too. Although he was busy, he was very thorough and took time to answer all our questions and talk with us."

When Dolores returned to her room after a CAT scan, she found Jake chatting comfortably with Bryan Thompson, senior development officer at the Southeast Georgia Health System Foundation. "He is a wonderful man and made sure that I was being taken care of," says Dolores. "We appreciated him taking the time to come down and check on us."

Jake gives the hospital high marks, too. "You can tell customer service is a priority of this organization and I would recommend their services to anyone," he says. "We don't want to have to go to the hospital, of course, but if we do have any problems, we have no hesitation in coming back here because we know we'll get excellent care."