Michael Evanick

Finding a Place for Dad

When Mindy Egan needed to find a nursing home for her ailing father, she had little experience in the matter. After researching her options, Mindy chose the Southeast Georgia Health System Senior Care Center–Brunswick because of the warm, professional attitude of the staff; its clean, bright appearance; and the fact that it is owned by the Health System.

Mindy's father, Michael Evanick, was a resident at the Center for nine months. Mindy visited him regularly and was touched by the small, meaningful interactions she often witnessed between the staff and residents, such as a team member stopping to hug a resident or sitting down for a quick chat. Her concerns about her father's happiness disappeared as he began to make new friends and participate in the Center's activities.

On the morning her father passed away, several of his caregivers gathered around his bed with Mindy, sharing stories about his life at the Senior Care Center, laughing and crying as they remembered him and consoled each other.

"The staff—all of them—are exceptional people," says Mindy. "I can't adequately express how happy I am that Dad had such a wonderful home for the last months of his life. I have no reservations recommending the Senior Care Center to friends and neighbors."