Bill Tipton

No Time for Knee Pain

Bill Tipton's retirement plans did not include becoming sedentary. In fact, he relished the idea of retiring and having more time to pursue his favorite pastimes—doubles tennis and kayaking. However, when his osteoarthritis worsened in both knees, the pain limited his activities.

After consulting with J. Kevin Brooks, M.D., board-certified orthopaedic surgeon and medical director of the Southeast Georgia Health System Joint Replacement Center, Bill opted to have a double knee replacement rather than two separate surgeries months apart. After the procedure, Bill recovered at the Health System's Orthopaedic & Spine Center on the Brunswick Campus and then transferred to the Senior Care Center-Brunswick for follow-up rehabilitation care.

He calls his experience at both Centers "fantastic." He has high praise for all of the staff and was greatly impressed by their teamwork, enthusiasm and dedication. "Everyone there was great, no matter what their role," says Bill.

Bill also appreciated that the Senior Care Center offered twice-a-day therapy sessions with physical and occupational therapists to help speed his recovery. "It was great to be able to continue rehabilitation therapy at the Senior Care Center so I could prepare to be on my own at home," Bill says. "I can see Southeast Georgia Health System becoming a joint replacement and orthopaedic rehabilitation destination of choice within the state of Georgia."