Southeast Georgia Health System Becomes First in Region to Offer pedCAT, New Advanced Diagnostic Imaging for Foot and Ankle Patients

Southeast Georgia Health System has become one of only 12 health facilities in the world to acquire the pedCAT™ TRUE 3D weight bearing imaging device,an advanced diagnostic imaging system specifically for the foot & ankle.

The pedCAT™takes 360 two-dimensional images of each foot and then stitches them together to create an exact, three-dimensional digital replica of the foot and ankle.
This technology, known as cone beam volumetric tomography (CBVT), will aid doctors in diagnosing and treating conditions including,but not limited to, fractures, subluxations and dislocations, midfoot injuries, bunions, flat feet, sprains, arthritis, and diabetic-related complications.

“Our physicians can use these three-dimensional replicas to pre-plan implant surgeries, assuring a higher rate of accuracy when screws, plates and replacement joints are placed inside the foot,” says DelRia Baisden, vice president. “They can also use the scans to better assess arthritic joints and detect bone erosion caused by diabetes.”

The 3D images provide physicians with detailed anatomical information when a plain 2D X-ray may not provide enough diagnostic information to diagnosis the related condition. The state-of-the-art scans are taken in a matter of minutes.

The pedCAT also uses far less radiation than other forms of advanced imaging.  “The Health System always has the best interest of our patients in mind with regards to radiation exposure,” says Karen S. Beaver, CRA, MBA, director of Radiology, Brunswick Campus. “We chose the pedCAT™ since radiation exposure to the patient is minimal when using this device. It is significantly lower than traditional medical CT.”