Women’s Health Services

The Outpatient Rehabilitation Care Center at the Camden Campus and the Outpatient Rehabilitation Care Center on St. Simons Island offer a women's health services program to treat urinary incontinence.

Urinary incontinence is the involuntary loss of urine which occurs when bladder pressure exceeds urethral pressure. Incontinence is most common in older women, especially those who have had many children, large babies or long, complicated deliveries. Urge incontinence (overactive bladder) is characterized by a sudden strong urge to urinate followed by an inability to "hold it." Urinary frequency is another common symptom. Stress incontinence is an unexpected leakage or urine which occurs when coughing, sneezing, laughing, lifting, etc. Most women actually experience a combination of these two forms.

The comprehensive program at both locations includes both behavioral modifications and pelvic floor rehabilitation. Voiding patterns are analyzed through the use of a bladder diary. Therapists can then make suggestions for dietary or activity modifications to better manage symptoms. Therapists also works with patients to increase awareness, and to strengthen and improve voluntary control of important pelvic floor muscles.

Incontinence is NOT normal, and almost all adults who suffer from this condition can learn to better manage this problem.

Camden Campus

For more information, please call 912-576-6450.

Wellness Way Medical Office Complex

For more information, please call 912-466-5330.