Suggested Reading for a Hospitalized Child

Keep in mind your child’s age and the reason for the hospitalization, as you
check out these and any other titles you find at the library, bookstore or online.



Bailey, Debbie Hospital
Bourgeois, Paulette Franklin Goes to the Hospital
Bridwell, Norman   Clifford Visits the Hospital
Carvardi, Anne Trip to the Hospital
Cousins, Lucy Doctor Maisy
Dooley, Virginia Tubes in My Ears: My Trip to the Hospital 
Gordon, Sharon What’s Inside the Hospital?
Johnston, Marianne Let’s Talk About Going to the Hospital
Rey, Margaret  Curious George Goes to the Hospital   
Rogers, Fred Going to the Hospital
Slegers, Liesbet Kevin Goes to the Hospital
Taylor, Barb Katie Goes to the Hospital
Watson, Kim Trip to the Hospital