Miriam & Hugh Nunnally Maternity Care Center

The Miriam & Hugh Nunnally Maternity Care Center is named after two benefactors whose generosity helped make it possible for the maternity center on our Brunswick Campus to be expanded, renovated and updated into the modern, sophisticated facility it is today. This beautiful, family-centered center has many features designed to bring you the best in modern maternity care in a warm and pleasing environment with the comforts of home.
The exterior appearance of the Miriam & Hugh Nunnally Maternity Care Center is distinguished by its curves, which were modeled after the petals of the magnolia blossom. This same softness and femininity is apparent in the interior design which contains soft colors and furnishings reminiscent of our coastal area.

Separate Entrance

For convenience, there is a separate entrance to the Center at the corner of Hampton Avenue and Parkwood Drive with parking nearby, so expectant families and their guests don’t have to come through the main hospital. This entrance is open at all times.

24 LDRP Rooms

Every mom has her own private and spacious room for labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum care (LDRP).

  • Rooms are beautifully decorated in beach and ocean themes and include amenities such as private bath/showers, flat screen TVs, full-size sleepers for guests and wireless internet.
  • Medical equipment is concealed behind wall units to provide a more home-like feeling.
  • Babies are able to stay with their mothers and most of their care, such as exams and baths, can take place right in the room.

Operating Rooms 

Two operating suites are located in the Center for scheduled and unscheduled cesarean births.

Level II Nursery

A special care nursery for early babies (32 weeks or later) and newborns with health concerns is nearby if needed.

Visitor Spaces

For friends and family members, we have two bright, comfortable and spacious waiting area, two courtyards, and a children’s courtyard that features soft-surfaced, safe play environment.

Coolidge Lactation Resource Center

Funded by Carl and Kim Coolidge in honor of their son Clay Frederick Coolidge, this resource center is used for lactation education and provides a private space for breastfeeding and pumping.