Month-by-Month Pregnancy Checklist for Expectant Moms

First Three Months of Pregnancy (The 1st Trimester)

  • Look through all of the Maternity Services information on this website
  • Browse other websites with information about pregnancy and babies 
  • Get a book on pregnancy and read about the first trimester 
  • Read about your baby’s development in first trimester 
  • Talk to your OB doctor about diet, fluid needs, exercise, rest and activity 
  • Stop smoking, stop drinking alcohol and don’t use any street drugs
  • Ask your doctor before taking any medication (even aspirin or nose spray)
  • Make sure you take your prenatal vitamins every day

4th Month of Pregnancy

  • Contact your hospital – Brunswick Campus or Camden Campus
  • Review your insurance pregnancy coverage and co-pay 
  • Check with your employer about maternity and family leave benefits 
  • Visit our Calendar to find parent education classes
  • Decide which classes you want to take

5th Month of Pregnancy

  • Read the section on this website After Your Baby is Born
  • Select possible names for your baby or babies
  • Think about how you want to feed your baby
  • Choose a doctor to take care of your baby – See How to Choose a Pediatrician

6th Month of Pregnancy

  • Begin to plan for your childbirth experience
  • Call your chosen baby care doctor to ask to become a patient
  • Ask questions of the baby care doctor
  • Shop for baby care items
  • Begin to think about child-care plans, if returning to work or school

7th Month of Pregnancy

  • Sign-up for Parent Education Classes – See the Calendar on this website
  • Arrange for a maternity tour if you’re not going to childbirth classes
  • Decide on feeding method for your new baby
  • Ask your doctor about required newborn tests

8th Month of Pregnancy

  • Start gathering items to pack for the hospital
  • Make a practice run to the hospital. Check out parking and entrance
  • Make sure everything is ready at home for the baby
  • Prepare siblings for the birth of the new baby – See Sibling Preparation
  • Shop for an approved infant car safety seat

9th Month of Pregnancy

  • Pack your bags for the hospital -See Packing for Hospital
  • Decide on baby’s name
  • Learn to use the infant car seat
  • Follow-up on child-care plans, if returning to work or school  
  • Fix and freeze some future meals; arrange for help once home
  • Double check that you have all needed baby supplies