What patient simulators are featured at the Center?

While it's rare for a community health system to open a simulation lab with more than one or two simulators, Southeast Georgia Health System invested in nine highly evolved simulators, many of which can speak, cry, sweat, breathe and perform other human functions. They can bleed, give birth, and have seizures and heart attacks. This level of realism provides exposure to complexities that help medical professionals sharpen their skills. In the end, the Center provides the highest-caliber training possible for the region's health care professionals.

The simulators we use include:

  • SimMan® 3G - A full-body simulator that emits heart, lung and bowel sounds. He talks, sweats, blinks and breathes, and can be programmed to simulate a wide variety of illnesses and trauma.
  • NOELLE® S575 - For normal and emergency obstetric and neonatal simulation.
  • Newborn HAL® - A newborn simulator that has a pulse and breathes. He also exhibits color and vital signs that are responsive to hypoxic events and interventions.
  • SimBaby™ - An advanced, do-it-all baby manikin for practicing intubation, defibrillation, stomach decompression, CPR, EKG monitoring and more.
  • SimJunior® - A high-end pediatric manikin for emergency and medical/surgical training.
  • Grandma Chase & Convalescent Kelly - Two simulators that are ideal for exercises in patient transfer/handling and hygiene, bandaging fingers and toes, administering liquid feedings, catheter insertion, ostomy care and all basic care techniques.
  • Nurse Anne - A simulator that has a head with anatomical landmarks, a trachea and esophagus. Also includes lungs and stomach for the practice of nasogastric or orogastric tube insertion, trach care and suctioning.
  • Advanced Life Support Simulator - A full body simulator used to train airway, cardiac and trauma management skills.

Additional task trainers include:

Nursing Task Trainers

  • Adult/Pediatric Airway Management Trainer
  • Arterial Line Arm
  • Blood Pressure Training Arm
  • Chester Chest Central Line Trainer
  • Geriatric IV Arm (1)
  • IV Arm Adult (2)
  • IV PICC Line Trainer
  • Male/Female Catheterization Trainers
  • Pediatric Intraosseous Legs
  • Pediatric IV Arm
  • Surgical Site/Drain Bandaging Trainer
  • Trach Trainer
  • Wound Care Buttocks

Medical Student Task Trainers

  • Adult and Pediatric Lumbar Puncture Trainers
  • Adult/Pediatric Airway Management Head
  • Arterial Arm Trainer
  • Central Line (Subclavian/Jugular/Femoral) Trainer
  • Chester Chest Central Line/PICC Trainer
  • Endo Tracheal Cutout Head
  • Gynecologic Pelvic Trainer
  • Suture Arm (3)
  • Suture Training Board (3)