Education Services

As a not-for-profit community health system, Southeast Georgia Health System is focused on providing safe, effective, compassionate care and helping people live healthier lives. One of the ways we do this is through education of both patients and health care professionals.
The Center for Educational Development is a testament to this commitment. Located less than a mile from our Brunswick Campus, the Center provides a unique opportunity for health care professionals and organizations to experience full adult, pediatric and neonate simulation training in a hospital environment with zero chance of patient injury.
Our Outpatient Diabetes Education Program has received recognition by the American Diabetes Association for its quality diabetes self-management education program. The program helps individuals and families affected by diabetes learn how to cope with this serious disease and stay as healthy as possible.

Our Pediatric Community Education includes a range of age-appropriate, school-based lessons that encourage and empower children to develop healthy nutrition habits and vital safety skills that improve overall physical and social well-being. Each program can be adapted for play groups, summer camps, community centers and other out-of-school settings.