Surgical Oncology - Cancer Care Center at Southeast Georgia Health System

Surgery can be an essential part of the diagnosis and staging of tumors, as well as the treatment of many types of cancer. The Cancer Care Center surgeons have diverse expertise in all types of cancers and use innovative, minimally-invasive methods to provide precise treatment and speed healing and recovery time.

In addition to general surgeons, the Cancer Care Center team includes surgeons with sub-specialties including colorectal surgery, for cancers of the colon and rectum; and plastic surgeons, who may perform reconstructive procedures when tumors have been removed.

Surgeons involved in diagnosis and tumor removal use of all kinds use sophisticated imaging technology, including CT, MRI and PET scans, to accurately assess the extent and location of tumors before and after treatment. This imaging increases the effectiveness of the surgical treatment and minimizes complications.

In many cases, achieving optimum results through surgical oncology entails a coordinated effort by an interdisciplinary team of physicians. Patients are often prescribed chemotherapy or radiation therapy in conjunction with surgery.