CyberKnife Treatment

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CyberKnife Treatment

Cancer treatment traditionally consisted of a combination of procedures, including but not limited to chemotherapy to shrink the tumor, surgery to remove the tumor and radiation therapy to destroy any remaining cancerous tissue. CyberKnife’s advanced medical imaging and targeted radiation therapy, however, allows our cancer doctors to pinpoint the exact location, size and shape of tumors—depending on their location in the body— and implement an effective treatment plan to eradicate the tumor and any surrounding cancerous tissue while keeping healthy tissue in tact. Superior radiosurgery technology, advanced medical imaging and minimally invasive surgical techniques are just some of the benefits of cancer treatment with CyberKnife.

CyberKnife Treatment vs. Other Radiosurgery Procedures

Radiosurgery is a non-invasive alternative to surgery for the treatment of both cancerous and non-cancerous tumors anywhere in the body. Unlike other forms of radiosurgery that require rigid head frames to hold patients in place, CyberKnife lets patients breathe normally and relax comfortably during treatment.

Advanced Medical Imaging

Sophisticated imaging and tracking software pinpoints the tumor's location and aims high-dose radiation with bulls-eye precision. The image guidance software continually adjusts the treatment, allowing for patient movement and changes in tumor location.

Minimally Invasive. Maximum Results.

While other radiosurgeries can only treat tumors in the head, CyberKnife has unlimited reach throughout the body, making it useful for tumors in the prostate, lung, brain, spine, kidney, liver and pancreas. Perhaps most importantly, CyberKnife's accuracy is simply unrivaled. There is no other radiation therapy or surgical procedure that can match its effectiveness in treating tumors, or its ability to spare healthy tissue. And with more than 100,000 procedures successfully performed worldwide, CyberKnife treatment has an impressive and proven record of success.

Questions about CyberKnife treatment options?

Call our CyberKnife nurse navigator at 1-800-537-5142 ext. 5149.