Breast Care Center of Southeast Georgia Health System

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The Breast Care Center, located on the Brunswick Campus of Southeast Georgia Health System was designed to help you “make breast care a routine for life.” Whether you come here only for your annual mammogram or for further diagnosis and treatment of a breast health concern, we work hard to provide compassionate care using the latest technology in a soothing and comfortable environment.
Our comprehensive array for breast care services includes:

Advanced Imaging and Diagnostic Procedures

Including digital mammography, breast ultrasound and stereotactic biopsy. Click Women's Imaging Services to learn more.

A Team of Experts

When you have a breast health concern, we have a team of specialists who work together to diagnose and treat your condition. Integrated care is provided by highly skilled and experienced physicians, nurses and technologists.

A Breast Care Navigator

If follow-up beyond your annual mammogram is needed, our breast care navigator is the single point of contact for patients, the hospital staff, and our medical specialists. She is also your advocate, providing you with education and support when you need it.

Timely Care

We understand the anxiety that may arise between tests and how frustrating it can be to navigate a complex health care system. At the Breast Care Center, we are committed to providing you with streamlined, personalized care with the least possible delay.

The Magnolia Resource Center

Our Resource Center offers a wealth of information concerning all aspects of breast health. Whether you're stopping by after a regularly-scheduled mammogram or making a special trip, we welcome the opportunity to help you find the information you need.
To schedule a mammogram*, please call our Scheduling Department at 912-466-1111 or toll free at 855-466-1111.
*You must have a signed order from your physician or health care provider to obtain a mammogram.