About Lap-Band® Surgery

The decision to have bariatric surgery is an important one. Harold L. Kent, M.D., FACS, board-certified surgeon and medical director of the Bariatric Care Center, has a decade of experience with bariatric surgery and has performed hundreds of these procedures.

Adjustable Gastric Banding

At the Bariatric Care Center, Dr. Kent performs laparoscopic adjustable gastric banding surgery, also known as Lap-Band® surgery, the most popular, least invasive type of bariatric surgery and the only one that provides the opportunity for the surgeon to adjust the gastric band after surgery.

In most cases, this procedure is done on an outpatient basis. It also offers reduced complications and pain compared to other bariatric surgeries.
Gastric banding is a variation on the gastroplasty, in which the stomach is neither opened nor stapled. Instead, a band is placed around the outside of the upper stomach, to make an hourglass-shaped stomach. This produces a small pouch with a narrow outlet. The special device used to do this is made of implantable silicone material, and contains an adjustable balloon. The balloon allows the surgeon to adjust the function of the band without re-operation.

Only surgeons with advanced laparoscopic skill can perform the Lap-Band® procedures and Dr. Kent is the only surgeon in our region to offer it.

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