Pediatrics-Southeast Georgia Physicians Associates Welcomes Physician

BRUNSWICK, Georgia: Sept. 30, 2008 – Pediatrics-Southeast Georgia Physicians Associates is pleased to welcome board certified pediatrician Kimberly Doherty, MD, to the team.

Doherty began her professional career teaching high school chemistry and general science in Pennsylvania after completing her Bachelor’s degree in biochemistry and earning her teaching certification in secondary education at Albright College in Reading, Penn. “I loved teaching but I found myself having to discipline more than teach, so it wasn’t as satisfying as I thought it would be,” Doherty says.

After leaving teaching, Doherty spent the next five years working in clinical research in New Jersey, Delaware, and Pennsylvania. During her years of research, Doherty continued to work with young people as a gymnastics teacher, cheerleading coach, MDA camp counselor, and became involved as an advocate for abused children, working though the Medical Society of the District of Columbia Committee on Domestic and Family Violence and the Cecil County Family Violence Coordinating Council, among others. She soon felt drawn to enter a field where she could not only help children but also make a real difference in their lives—pediatrics.

In 2001, she completed her medical degree at Georgetown University. Doherty completed her training as a resident in pediatrics/physical medicine at Temple University/Einstein Medical in and a resident in categorical pediatrics at Crozer-Chester Medical Center in Pennsylvania. While at Crozer-Chester, she worked extensively with abused children, including those who had suffered burns, and children with special needs.

It was her own son Ian’s diagnosis of type 1 diabetes that led her to open her own pediatric practice in Vidalia, Georgia. “When I diagnosed Ian (now seven), I needed to have more flexibility so I could be there for him,” she says. Although she, her husband Michael, and Ian loved the Vidalia area, Doherty says getting insurance on their own for Ian was difficult and she began looking for an employed opportunity. That is when she found out about the opening in Camden County.

"I was so impressed with what the Health System is doing in Camden County to give the community the very best in care and make sure the area’s children are taken care of,” Doherty says. “The people here are also very warm and we love the beautiful environment. I’m looking forward to making our home here.”

Pediatrics-Southeast Georgia Physicians Associates is a member of Cooperative Healthcare Services, Inc., which is a strategic affiliate of Southeast Georgia Health System. The practice offers a comprehensive pediatric and adolescent care and is located at 2040 Dan Proctor Drive, Suite 140, St. Marys, GA, 31558. For more information, call (912) 673-8000 or visit