Patient Safety

For the safety of patients, visitors and employees, please observe these guidelines:
  • Leave all medications at home. Your physician and the hospital pharmacy will supply all your medication while you are in the hospital. We recommend that you bring a list of your medications with you.
  • Patient owned non-clinical equipment (hair dryers, radios, curling irons, razors) may be used by patients after being inspected by the Bio Medical Engineering Department. Ask your nurse to contact Engineering should you require this service. 
  • If you need any kind of help getting up and down, or moving about, call a nurse. This can help prevent injury.
  • Please do not get in or out of a wheelchair without assistance.
  • The use of cellular phones is allowed in the hospital except in treatment areas. Cellular phones are prohibited in treatment areas due to potential interference with sensitive equipment. Public telephones are located in the main lobby and in the Emergency Care Centers lobby, as well as the Maternity Centers at both the Brunswick and Camden campuses.