Pediatric Urology

The Pediatric Urology team provides evaluations of children with disorders of the urinary tract and external genitalia. Our physician partners with Nemours Children’s Hospital, Jacksonville, offer services that include:

  • Minor office procedures
  • Evaluations of conditions such as hydrocele, hydronephrosis, UTIs, hernias and more
  • Surgical procedures performed at Wolfson Children’s Hospital in Jacksonville

Based on diagnosis and PCP’s concerns, labwork and diagnostic procedures may be ordered by our pediatric urologist and performed at Southeast Georgia Health System or in Jacksonville at Nemours or Wolfson Children’s Hospital.

How to Make an Appointment

  • Referring physicians or families should call (904) 697-3600 to schedule an appointment.
  • New patients can visit the Nemours website for forms to complete prior to the appointment.
  • Referring physicians can submit an e-referral at or call (800) 767-5437.