Local Artist releases single; percentage of proceeds to benefit Health System cancer programs

WHAT: Southeast Georgia Health System team member, Joshua Mascarenas, a.k.a. Bravado, releases his new single, What I’ve Become. Full length album release is scheduled for the first quarter of January.
WHO: The general public & local radio stations
WHEN: Tuesday, Oct. 19, 2010
WHERE: The single is available for purchase on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Pandora, Jango, Rapsody, Nokia, Zune, emusic, and Myspace music.
WHY: Joshua Mascarenas is a 23-year old award-winning song writer who has been recognized by The Grammy Demo Review, VH1, and Paramount. Mascarenas studied audio sound engineering at the SAE Institute in Los Angles. Joshua has agreed to donate a portion of the first month single sales to the Southeast Georgia Health System cancer care programs.