Health System Opens New, Updated Morgue on Brunswick Campus

BRUNSWICK, Georgia: JULY 8, 2008 – Southeast Georgia Health System recently completed a new updated morgue at its Brunswick Campus.

According to Marjorie Mathieu, the vice president who oversees all the Health System’s facilities, the new morgue is about double the space of the old morgue and has a viewing area—something the previous morgue did not have. “Our morgue is the only morgue in Glynn County as well as some of the surrounding counties, so it was important to have more space and have a viewing area for loved ones if needed,” Mathieu says. “A local contractor, Allen & Graham, did the majority of the work and it took about six months to complete.”

In addition to the extra space, Mathieu says the morgue has a new specimen room, bathroom complete with shower for pathologists, new downdraft system and all stainless steel surfaces, as well as bariatric size coolers.

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