Health System Offers Latest Minimally Invasive Knee Surgery

BRUNSWICK, Georgia: April 21, 2008 – Orthopaedic surgeons at the Southeast Georgia Health System Brunswick Campus were among the first in the country to perform MAKOplasty®, a minimally invasive partial knee resurfacing procedure used to treat early to mid-stage osteoarthritis of the knee. Now they are utilizing the next generation of the robotic arm system by MAKO Surgical Corp, the new RIO™ Robotic Arm Interactive Orthopaedic System.

With RIO™ and the new knee implants designed specifically for use with the system, the minimally invasive MAKOplasty® procedure is now available to a larger pool of patients. Previously, the procedure was available to treat only the inner portion of the knee. The RIO™ System now makes possible resurfacing of the inner (medial), top (patellofemoral) or both components of the knee.

“Precision is the key in planning and performing partial knee surgeries,” says Beau Sasser, Jr., MD, orthopaedic surgeon at Summit Sports Medicine & Orthopaedic Surgery, a strategic affiliate of the Health System. “For a good outcome you need to align and position the implants in just the right way. Precision in surgery, and in the pre-operative planning process, is what this new robotic arm system delivers. We are very excited to use the new RIO™, and to be able to offer MAKOplasty® to a greater number of patients. Having this early intervention procedure is important since osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and a leading cause of disability worldwide.”

During the procedure, the surgeon uses the robotic arm, which provides tactile, acoustic and visual feedback, to limit the bone preparation to the diseased areas. This provides optimal implant placement. The goal of this minimally invasive procedure is to restore the patient’s natural knee motion with as little bone cutting and tissue trauma as possible, for a more natural feeling knee post operatively and a rapid recovery.

Also performing the surgery at the Brunswick Campus are orthopaedic surgeons Denny Carter, MD, J. Melvin Deese, MD, and J. Kevin Brooks, MD.

For more information about the RIO™ System or to make an appointment, please call Drs. Deese, Carter, or Sasser at 912-262-9961 or Dr. Brooks at 912-265-9006.