Health System Offering Free Wrist & Elbow Screenings During April

BRUNSWICK, Georgia: March 25, 2010 – In honor of National Occupational Therapy Month, Southeast Georgia Health System is offering free wrist and elbow screenings during the month of April. The screenings are being offered by appointment only at the Outpatient Rehabilitation Care Centers: 2600 Wildwood Drive, Brunswick; and 2000 Dan Proctor Drive, St. Marys.

Early detection of issues and the implementation of simple solutions will prevent bigger problems later on. You only have one body. Take a few minutes to take advantage of our screenings. You may need to attend if you experience any of the following problems:

  • Do you have numbness or pain in your hands or first two fingers?
  • Do your hands sometimes feel as though they are being pricked by pins and needles?
  • Have you overused the muscles and tendons of the forearm and elbow? Repeating some types of activities over and over can put too much strain on the elbow tendons, causing tennis elbow, or lateral epicondylitis.
  • Baseball, bowling, racquet sports, weight lifting, and bike riding can also cause what is commonly known as tennis elbow. This injury can be caused by both recreational and competitive sports.
  • Hammering nails, lifting heavy buckets, and pruning shrubs can all cause the pain of tennis elbow.

If you are suffering from any of the wrist or elbow problems listed above, sign up for one of our screenings and learn exercises, proper stretching and strengthening techniques that will improve range of motion and reduce pain and swelling in the muscles.

Space is limited and walk-ins will not be accepted, so call 912-466-5330 in Brunswick or 912-576-6450 in St. Marys today to schedule your free 15-minute screening by one of our licensed occupational therapy team members. For more information about the Health System’s rehabilitation services, visit