Celebrating Southeast Georgia Health System Volunteers

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Southeast Georgia Health System honored all of its volunteers at a special National Volunteer Week Luncheon on Thursday, April 25, at the Jekyll Island Convention Center. The theme for the celebration was “Volunteers Make A Difference.”

Honored were members of the Brunswickand Camden Campus Auxiliaries, Volunteens, First Steps Program volunteers, the Therapy Dogs of Glynn, members of the Ministerial Alliance, Coastal Medical Access Project (CMAP) volunteers, and members of: the Glynn-Brunswick Memorial Hospital Authority, Camden Campus Advisory, Cooperative Healthcare Services, Inc., and the Southeast Georgia Health System Foundation, Inc.
According to Kristin Doll, director of Volunteer Services, there are 222 volunteers on the Brunswick Campus Auxiliary’s active roster and 89 volunteers on the Camden Campus Auxiliary’s active roster.
“From March 1, 2012to Feb. 28, 2013, our Brunswick Campus Auxiliary members performed 30,461 hours of service to the Health System,” Doll says. “And according to the Independent Sector, the leading authority in calculating the value of volunteer hours, those hours translate into a dollar value of $674,406. From March 1, 2012, to Feb. 28, 2013, Camden Campus Auxiliary members performed 13,775 hours of service, translating into a dollar value of $304,978. Their dedicated, loyal service helps our organization accomplish our goals and inspires us all to do great things.”

During the awards ceremony, James Crandall was named Brunswick Campus Auxiliary Volunteer of the Year and Elizabeth Rush was named Camden Campus Auxiliary Volunteer of the Year. In addition, Curt and Dot Brown were awarded lifetime membership to the Camden Campus Auxiliary.

Auxiliary volunteers were presented service pins in recognition of the number of hours they volunteered over the past year. They are:
• 300 Hours-Brunswick
Tommie Anderson, Les Breen, Tom Bullock, Pauline Carson, Sally Chapman, MaryLynne Cochran, James Crandall, Chuck Daly, Ruby Dukes, Mike Earehart, Jeff Emrich, Leo Fallstrom, Stephanie Gonzalez, Larry Greene, Ertice Johnson, Dorothy Kastroll, Brenda Keene, Brenda Kirkland, Bonnie Lee, Judy Lee, Elizabeth Martin, Carolyn McNeese, Lou Monti, Lee Norvell, Suzanne Palmer, Anne Rivers, Penny Smith, Ronald Smith, Jan Storch, Ellie Weeks, Connie White, and Marge Winsor.
• 400 Hours-Brunswick
Ruby Brannen, Janet Burchfield, Martha Dorsey, Jean Farrant, Robert Gaither, Pat Hannan, George Hardee, BJ Harris, Jean Holcomb, Regina Johnson, Ed Kehoe, George Lorenz, Rheba Mathis, Charles McCollum, Connie Messer, Shirley Palmer, Ellen Prazenica, Darla Schoeppner, Joy Scott, and Buncie Townsend.
• 500 Hours-Brunswick
Billie Croft, Linda Greene, Connie Johnson, Wanda McLaughlin, Jonell Thompson, Ann Vamvaks, and Helen Cope Wolcott.
• 600 Hours-Brunswick
Marion Clark and James Walker

• 700 Hours-Brunswick
Barbara Ann Smith
• 800 Hours-Brunswick
James Strickland

• 900 Hours-Brunswick
Charles Chosewood and Enoch Prow

• 300 Hours-Camden
Shirley Altman, Nadine Black, Emilia Hubbard, Barbara Jerome, Barbara Kevan and Bobbi Williams.

• 400 Hours-Camden
Grace Cantrell, Rosemary Kaufman, Zernie Knight, Jettye Minton, Martin Russell, and Linda Victory.

• 500 Hours-Camden
Dot Brown, Judith Cressman, Joyce Galloway, Barbara Hall, Pat Hazouri, Carolyn Kacedon, Madeleine Knight and Kathleen Worthing.

•600 Hours-Camden
Deana Belcher, Jane Canning, Linda McInerney and Georgia Stilson
•800 Hours-Camden
Carolyn Richardson and Willie Williams

Volunteers serve throughout the Health System at both the Brunswickand Camdencampuses, as well as the SeniorCareCentersin Brunswickand St. Marys. To find out more about volunteering, contact Kristin Doll at 912-466-1071or visit www.sghs.org.