Camden Campus Offers New “Feet First” MRI Scanner

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The Southeast Georgia Health System Camden Campus recently received a General Electric (GE) 450W magnetic resonance imaging (MRI)scanner. The new system, located within the Radiology department, brings to the CamdenCountythe most advanced imaging system in Southeast Georgia.
“The 1.5 Tesla magnet is much stronger than our current unit, and greatly enhances our diagnostic capabilities,” says Laura S. Taylor, M.D., the Camden Campus new full-time radiologist.  “It will allow us to perform even more procedures on the Camden Campus than we were previously able to.”
The new scanner features a 70cm opening. Traditional “closed” MRIunits have a more restrictive 55cm opening, which is not well tolerated by some patients.
“The larger opening not only allows scans of larger patients, but is less confining to patients who do not like smaller spaces,” says Timothy P. Bryant, CRA, MBA, RT(R)(N), manager, Radiology & Cardiopulmonary Services. “The scanner also comes equipped with GE’s exclusive “GEMS” technology, which allows for faster scanning, and it has the unique capability of allowing for “feet first” imaging for all procedures. No other system in the region is able to do that for all scans.”
With the addition of more specialty physicians in CamdenCounty, such as orthopaedics, oncology, pain management, and neurology, the need for enhanced MRIcapabilities has greatly increased. In the past, patients often had to travel out of the area for specialty scanning.
“There’s no need for patients to travel anywhere other than the Health System to receive superior imaging,” Bryant explained. “The new system is able to accommodate virtually any type of MRIscan and provides superior detailed images. In addition, the new system can perform many scans in less than half the time of the systems currently in the area. This is especially helpful for patients who have had challenges with MRIprocedures in the past.”
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