Camden Campus Offering Pulmonary Testing

BRUNSWICK, Georgia: Nov. 19, 2007 – The Southeast Georgia Health System Camden Campus is now offering complete pulmonary function testing (PFT).

According to Tim Bryant, manager of Imaging and Cardio-Pulmonary Services at the Camden Campus, PFTs are ways to determine how much air a person’s lungs can hold, how quickly a person can move air in and out of their lungs. These tests can diagnose lung diseases and measure the severity of lung problems.“There are several aspects to a PFT,” Bryant says. “Physicians may request individual aspects or a ‘complete’ test which will encompass all aspects.

“This new service enhances our capabilities here at the Camden Campus, and prevents patients from having to travel out of the area to have this procedure done.”

For more information about these and other services offered through the Camden Campus Cardio-Pulmonary Department, please call (912) 576-6195.