Outpatient Quality Measures

The outpatient quality measures include care of acute myocardial infarction (heart attack) and chest pain for patients who are transferred out to another hospital and surgical care for those patients who have an outpatient surgery.

Heart Attack and Chest Pain

Quality measures indicate how many patients at Southeast Georgia Health System receive treatments commonly regarded as effective in treating or preventing heart attacks. We compare our scores to other facilities at the national and state level.

Heart Attack and Chest Pain Indicators Camden average (01/16-06/16) Brunswick average
Georgia average* (1/15-12/15) US
average* (1/15-12/15)
Number of records reviewed for these indicators during time period 68 14 NA NA
Aspirin at arrival for heart attack or chest pain 100% 100% 96% 97%

Aspirin on Arrival
-This score shows the percentage of heart attack patients who received aspirin within 24 hours of arriving. Aspirin can help break up blood clots and prevent new ones from forming. It may reduce the severity of a heart attack.

* Georgia and US average percentages are delayed 9-12 months