Quality Information

What Is Quality?

"Quality" means different things to different people. If you ask someone to define the word "quality" in a hospital, you may get several different answers.

Exceptional Customer Service

Patients often describe quality in terms of customer service, bedside manner, good food, nurse attentiveness and ease of access to facilities. We believe patient satisfaction is an important part of the healing process. As a part of our commitment to improving patient satisfaction, Southeast Georgia Health System conducts ongoing patient satisfaction surveys. These surveys form the basis of our efforts to refine our customer service strategy.

Clinical Excellence

For doctors and medical staff, ensuring "quality" means measuring clinical outcomes, learning about and using scientifically-based medicine, often called "best practice" medicine or "evidence-based" medicine and ensuring patient safety. Our leadership team, physician and team members are dedicated to measuring and analyzing our performance and identifying opportunities to improve.

Leadership and Staff

Hospital administrators strive for quality in terms of finance, corporate compliance with federal and state regulations, supply management and plant operations. Nurses and other employees see job satisfaction as an important measure of quality.

Community Benefit

Another aspect of quality healthcare is community involvement. Southeast Georgia Health System's community outreach programs offer early detection screenings and disease prevention education, often for free or at a nominal charge.

Quality Reports

Southeast Georgia Health System is committed to providing consumers with accurate and honest information about clinical processes and the patient experience. We believe that well-informed patients take a more active role in improving their health condition. Review how Southeast Georgia Health System performs compared to other hospitals in the nation. Learn More

Why This Information is Important To You

When deciding where to receive health care, you and your doctor need to feel confident that the choice is right for you. One important consideration is the quality of care. Are patients receiving the most appropriate and effective care? Is the care timely and focused on your needs as a patient? Is it safe? This kind of information can be hard to find. Southeast Georgia Health System is giving you the most current information possible in a user-friendly format right from our website.